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Category Archives: Favorite Video Friday

Favorite Video Friday – Nostalgia

Megan just burned through the entire series of Dawson’s Creek on Netflix and it got me feeling all nostalgic for my High School years. While there weren’t really any love triangles in my group of friends and none of us waxed poetic as often as Pacey or Dawson did, I did have a friend that […]

Favorite Video Friday – Dancing in the Street II

Sometimes you just gotta dance. The Black Keys – Lonely Boy This guy is my new favorite. Cee Lo Green – Cry Baby Jaleel White kind of bugs me (yes, that’s Urkel), but Cee Lo has the uncanny ability to make the unlikable cool. His voice sounds like someone talking through a warm glass of […]

Favorite Video Friday – Tribute II

These are not the greatest videos in the world. These are just tributes. Weezer – Buddy Holly Yes, it’s an old video, but I’m approaching old man. It’s a good song and a great video and the kids need to be educated. Plus, it’s directed by Spike Jonze and it’s been way too long since […]

Favorite Video Friday – When Lame Becomes Cool

I was always on the fence about Jimmy Fallon when he was on SNL. He just didn’t do it for me some of the time, and some of his characters were a little annoying, but he also produced some of my favorite characters (I guess Jimmy Fallon was kind of a microcosm of SNL as […]

Favorite Video Friday – Tribute

Google Reader users may have to click through to the site to see the 3 videos below. This week, I decided to tribute the great Michael Jackson in a way that only YouTube can. Oh, the things grown men will do when left alone in their mother’s basement… This Week: A Tribute to a Legend […]