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Category Archives: This Week in Movies

This Fall in Television

After the debacle that was Jay Leno trying to hang on to his talk show on NBC, they’re doing their darnedest to refill the 10pm time slot. That not only means a whole crop of new shows on NBC, but also a whole crop of other networks trying to jump on the opportunity. That means […]

This Week in Movies – 9/7/10

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything last week. This week is even worse. In Theaters: Resident Evil: Afterlife – Milla Jovovich stars in a video game. You better believe they made it 3D. Last Week: Machete – Moments of glorious gore spattered across a lame plot line. Going the Distance – “I’m a Mac” is […]

This Week in Movies – 8/25/10

We’re officially in the suck. There won’t be anything good coming out for a while, but here we go anyway. In Theaters: The Last Exorcism – All we can hope for during the movie dead season is a few good horror flicks. This movie brings no such hope. Takers – It’s got Paul Walker, T.I., […]

This Week in Movies – 8/2/10

I’m a changed man, I swear! In Theaters: The Other Guys – Marky Mark and Will Ferrell are cops. Guess what ensues. Directed by the guy that did Step Brothers and Land of the Lost, so it could be a gamble, but the trailer looked funny enough. I’ll probably catch it on DVD. Step Up […]

This Week in Movies – 5/26/10

Update: So you probably already realized this, but I’m an idiot and posted next week’s movies this week. Hopefully I didn’t ruin your weekend. In Theaters: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – Donnie Darko leaves the Mountain and dons a British accent to do some Parkour. It’s a Bruckheimer movie, so expect some […]