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Category Archives: Top 5

Top 5 Desert Island Movies

On the latest road trip, I was asking Megan what her top 5 desert island movies were and realized mine had changed since the last time I did this. I am in a completely different stage of my life, so I think it’s time to adjust the top 5 accordingly, lest I be stranded on […]

Top 5 – Greatest Cartoon Theme Songs of All Time

The theme song is a lost art. Hitting it’s prime in the 80s on everything from sitcoms to cartoons, they pretty much dropped off the face of the earth after climaxing in the early 90s. I say we bring them back. Starting with this theme song for Lost: See more funny videos and funny pictures […]

Top 5 – Superbowl Snacks

Another recycle, but at least this one’s topical. I promise I’m collecting ideas for new ones. They’ve just all sucked so far. I do take requests! Superbowl Sunday is a special day in the Stay household. It’s a day when the family comes together, united by a single program, to share in the joy that […]

Top 5 – Greatest Cereals of All Time

I’m recycling again, partly because I’m in LA this week, but mostly because I’m lazy. So, apologies if you’ve read these before, but I actually liked this one, so screw you, I don’t care. I take back my apology. I don’t care what you think. Hey, where are you going? I didn’t mean it. I’ll […]

Top 5 – 80s Butt Rock Songs

I decided I’m going to bring back the Top 5, but start by recycling some old top 5s because I’m lazy and I’m not sure anyone read those anyway. At any rate, standard top 5 practices apply, leave your own top 5 in the comments if you wish (log in with your Facebook account, it’s […]