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Coming Soon Again: Movie Reviews

I rolled this out once already, but then my brother‘s server crashed and I lost both this post and my first review. I can’t complain though, he’s giving me free server space and technical support. Besides, it was a lot more detrimental to him. His websites are one of his main sources of income.

Anywho, when I first wrote this post, I went on and on about how because I have a film degree, people are always asking me what I think about this movie and that. I whined about how I never have an answer right away because I’d rather not just say it was good or bad; how I prefer to look at what the movie was trying to do, and whether or not it was successful in its aims. I pontificated about how I sometimes sit for hours after a movie as I reflect on how the different aspects of a film affected me as a viewer. The bottom line, however, is that I watch a lot of movies, I need more regular content on this site, and I need to write more, so I’m going to start posting reviews to movies I watch throughout the week, whether on DVD, Laserdisc (yes, I own a Laserdisc player and yes, it is beautiful), or in theaters. You can find them all in the menu above (click the little button) under the category, Movie Reviews.