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Favorite Video Friday – In Reverse

It’s that time again. Time to waste your valuable time with random videos that I waste my time looking for so I can waste your time by posting them here for you to waste your time viewing.

This week: Everything’s in reverse!!!1111!!11!11111111!

I already posted Pharcyde’s Drop, but here are some more gems.

Coldplay – The Scientist

This video is classic. Not much more to say. I like the part where he goes backwards.

Rob Dougan – Clubbed to Death

It’s the end of the world!!! I have no idea what’s happening in this video, but it’s backwards, and I like it.

God Lives Underwater – From Your Mouth

This video combines three of my favorite things, Asian television, eating, and playing things in reverse. Where would we be without YouTube? Hooray for the intarweb!