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Favorite Video Friday – Fat Lip

This Week I’m going to share some videos that feature the great MC, Fat Lip. Coincidentally, they are all also directed by Spike Jonze. What can I say, the man’s a genius.

The Pharcyde – Drop

The Pharcyde is the group which gave Fat Lip his start. He later got into some drugs and left the group, disappearing for a while, but early Pharcyde is some of the best Hip Hop you’ll hear. For this video, each member learned his part in reverse, then rapped in reverse for the video, which was then reversed, thus reversing the reversal, which made their mouths match up, but the rest of the video in reverse. Genius.

Fat Lip – What’s up Fat Lip?

Spike Jonze set out to find out what happened to Fat Lip after he left Pharcyde and make a documentary about it. They decided to make a video along the way. The documentary is great, it’s on his Director’s Label DVD, check it out sometime. I have it if you want to borrow it. Someday I’ll buy the rest of that set.

Ludacris – Get Back

(Warning: Harsh Language)

Sorry, I tried to find a clean version to appease the masses, but to no avail. This video only features Fat Lip at the very beginning, and he’s not rapping, but the video’s great and I thought it fit well here.