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Favorite Video Friday – Foo Fighters

This week I will be featuring the old school rockers, Foo Fighters. I have long held the theory that Dave Grohl was, is, and will be the savior of Rock music. From drumming Nirvana into the annals of history, to his Heavy Metal side project, Probot (warning, heavy metal video, not suitable for all viewers), to stepping in on drums for Queens of the Stone Age for one album, to his Hellish performance on drums for Tenacious D (yes, that is Grohl in the demon costume), Grohl is constantly promoting the good name of Rock, and in my opinion, almost singlehandedly keeping it alive.

I saw Foo Fighters honor Queen at VH1’s first Rock Honors, where they performed the greatest cover of “Tie Your Mother Down” I’ve ever heard, then went on to accompany the remaining members of Queen along with Paul Rodgers on “We Will Rock You” using 3 drum kits. Foo Fighters’ drummer on one, Dave Grohl on another, and Roger Taylor on the last. They were the highlight of the evening (Not the exact performance, but you get the idea).


I’ll start off with some more Michel Gondry goodness. I had to analyze this video for my film theory class in college. Can you say, best final ever?

Big Me

Genius. Pure Genius.

The Pretender

It’s 2007 and they still rock as hard as they did over 10 years ago. And can Universal please take a hint from RCA and allow their Official YouTube videos to be embeddable. Ridiculous.