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Favorite Video Friday – Hollywood Creations

This week: Songs made for and performed on a tv show or movie. Sell-outs or instant classics? You be the judge.

Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap

Vanilla Ice rapping about ninja turtles fighting a giant snapping turtle and wolf … can a guy’s childhood get any better? This movie made me the man I am today.

Zack Attack – Friends Forever

This video just barely beat out Guy Love from the Scrubs musical episode, there was just too many cliches to pass up: nerd on keyboard, black girl on bass, and a pretty boy lead singer. Narrated by the great Casey Kasem (voice of Shaggy on Scooby Doo), this is easily one of the best episodes of Saved by the Bell ever. Kelly Kapowski, you broke my heart.

Adam Sandler – Grow Old With You

This video is all too fitting, seeing as how I’m about to get married and move to Las Vegas. I only hope that Billy Idol is on my flight when I do.