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Favorite Video Friday – More Camera Tricks

Apologies once again, I was in San Diego on a gig.

And again, apologies, I had this done yesterday and I don’t know if I didn’t click “publish” or what, but only realized today (Saturday) that it hadn’t posted.

This week: More Crazy-Cool Camera Tricks

The BPA – Seattle (Feat. Emma the Great)

It’s like a rubix cube… sort of… or that thing they did in the opening ceremonies… I don’t know, leave me alone.

The Ting Tings – Be the One

This concept never gets old to me. The way I’m living my life, I wouldn’t be surprised if some day I looked back to see a video wall stalking me.

Cut Chemist – My First Big Break

Filmed with a 360 degree camera. I can’t even begin to imagine how that works.