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Warm Fuzzies

My name is Luke Stay and I have been without an Ipod for 6 months now.

I still remember the day it stopped working. It was the closest I’ve come to crying in years. I tried to listen to the radio for a while but I just couldn’t take it. I’d rather drive in silence than hear the same songs over and over again. I dusted off my old CD case and my old portable CD player and tried that for a while. I have way too much music to be browsing through CDs in the middle of traffic. I almost killed 3 kids carrying lollipops.

This past weekend, though, it all changed. I had just worked incredibly long hours for two weeks straight, walked into the Mac store on Black Friday, and saw a deal I couldn’t pass up. I will never be without an Ipod again. As my fingers ran across the click-wheel, scrolling through my thousands of songs, my heart was full. It was like I had been reunited with an old friend. I was smiling.

Maybe it was the extra Turkey I had at dinner the night before; maybe it was the Egg Nog I had chugged that morning; or maybe it was the frigid winds of Utah keeping me teetering on the brink of hypothermia, but holding that new 80GB Ipod Video in my hands made me start thinking of all the things in life that made me happy; all the things that gave me that warm fuzzy feeling. So, this Holiday season, rather than list off the things I’m thankful for, I’m going to list off the things in life that just make me feel good inside.

Here they are in no particular order:

– Getting into a sun-baked car on an icy day
– Drinking Kool-Aid from a sippy cup after a rough day
– Finding that song or that movie that fits the moment perfectly
– Standing at the top of a mountain and looking down at what I just climbed
– Finally finishing a project I’ve been working on for years
– A good hug from a good friend
– Falling asleep curled up in my blue loveseat
– Sending people into uncontrollable laughter
– Making a girl smile
– Beating my brothers in Halo
– Putting on a brand new sweatshirt
– Wearing clothes fresh from the dryer
– Wearing a pair of socks for the first time
– That food that perfectly satisfies whatever craving I have
– Sitting by the campfire with friends on a cold night
– Finally getting to sleep in after 2 weeks of sleep deprivation
– Road trips that come out of nowhere
– Singing at the top of my lungs when alone in the car
– Mocking cheesy movies with good friends
– Cheering with friends at a Hockey game
– Hot Apple Cider
– A Steak cooked to perfection
– Running into an old friend I haven’t seen in years
– The first brush with a new toothbrush