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I Shot my Eye Out

It’s a new year and with it came a lot of new stuff. I thought I’d start things off with a semi-detailed account of the loot one spoiled white boy from Texas hauled in over the holidays, or at least a few of the highlights.

Megan started things off with a spark:

a leather bound edition of my favorite book, Fahrenheit 451.

Oh yeah, and it’s signed by Ray Bradbury himself.

Her parents surprised me with a fancy new toy I’ll be sure to use often after Megan and I move to Las Vegas:

a fancy picture-hanging level.

We then went to my parent’s house near Boston where my parent’s surprised me with another fancy new toy I’ve secretly been dreaming of:

a snazzy LED headlamp for all my forays in spelunking.

Michelle, being ever-so-thoughtful, gave me a brand new edition of Scene It, that I then used to once again prove my unmatched genius as I defeated everyone in a quick round.

Before any of this occurred, however, I was already somewhat jaded because as good as her Christmas presents were, Megan set the bar high with her wedding present to me:

An antique pocket watch from 1898 monogrammed with my initials.

Now, as great as all these gifts were, the greatest gift I received over the holidays could never be topped: