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I Shot my Eye Out

It’s a new year and with it came a lot of new stuff. I thought I’d start things off with a semi-detailed account of the loot one spoiled white boy from Texas hauled in over the holidays, or at least a few of the highlights. Megan started things off with a spark: a leather bound […]

Favorite Video Friday – Hollywood Creations

This week: Songs made for and performed on a tv show or movie. Sell-outs or instant classics? You be the judge. Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap Vanilla Ice rapping about ninja turtles fighting a giant snapping turtle and wolf … can a guy’s childhood get any better? This movie made me the man I am […]

Megan Place Drive – A Fairy Tale of sorts

Once upon a time, in a land . . . just a land, well not just a land, it was a pretty great land, but still, not too much different than any other land, not very far away and certainly not very far far away, there lived a boy . . . far more than […]


There is a road I take along the back way to my house that offers a perfect view of the Las Vegas Strip. Every night as I drive home after whatever I was doing that day, I look over and take a second to appreciate the beauty in these man-made monuments to the gods of […]