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Favorite Video Friday – When Lame Becomes Cool

I was always on the fence about Jimmy Fallon when he was on SNL. He just didn’t do it for me some of the time, and some of his characters were a little annoying, but he also produced some of my favorite characters (I guess Jimmy Fallon was kind of a microcosm of SNL as […]

Favorite Video Friday – Ridiculousness

This Week: All Things Ridiculous Datarock – Give it Up Dancing gangsters? Ridiculous. Fires of Rome – Set in Stone (M83 Remix) Fires of Rome – Set in Stone (M83 Remix) from Monte Lomax on Vimeo. I have no idea what is going on in this video, but I like it. Deichkind – Luftbahn Deichkind […]

Favorite Video Friday – 2008

I’m finally back after 2 weeks of hunkering down for my grad school app, 2 weeks of vacation near Boston, and my server going down somewhere in the midst of it all. Instead of doing the typical Favorite Video Friday this week, I decided to give myself some time to gather a new crop of […]

Nothing to See Here

I’m in the final stages of my grad school application, so there won’t be any posts for the next week or so, which basically means there won’t be any Favorite Video Friday this week or next seeing as how that’s pretty much all I’ve been posting lately. Wow, that was a long sentence. Are you […]

Favorite Video Friday – Forests

This is getting harder and harder to do every week I do it. This week: Into the Woods Goldfrapp – A & E There’s something strangely hypnotic about this video. The Raconteurs – Old Enough I’m convinced Jack White can’t make a bad video. Modest Mouse – People as Places as People Moral of the […]