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Recently Watched

As stated in the post below, I wanted to start keeping tabs on the movies I’ve seen as friends are constantly asking for movie recommendations. They will consist of short, one or two-line reviews to supplement the movies I feel warrant further analysis (this will also help my lazy butt stay a little more current […]

This Week in Movies – 8/2/10

I’m a changed man, I swear! In Theaters: The Other Guys – Marky Mark and Will Ferrell are cops. Guess what ensues. Directed by the guy that did Step Brothers and Land of the Lost, so it could be a gamble, but the trailer looked funny enough. I’ll probably catch it on DVD. Step Up […]

This Week in Movies – 5/17/10

I got sick of not knowing what came out. We’ll see how long this lasts. In Theaters: Shrek Forever After – Nothing I say here will keep people from seeing this movie. For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the 2nd one. MacGruber – I’m skeptical of any 30 second SNL skit made into a movie, […]

Goodbye Blockbuster, You Broke My Heart

During the summer of 2004, I worked at the local Blockbuster store in South Riding, VA. I loved that job. The pay was only marginally above minimum wage, but I got 5 free movies per week and discounts on all purchases, including new and used DVDs. My DVD collection nearly tripled while I was there. […]