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Favorite Video Friday – Picture Pages

This one’s for Megan. This Week: Photographs CSS – Move I want that van. Sia – Breathe Me Stop-Motion never gets old. The Raconteurs – Salute Your Solution If Jack White and Dave Grohl somehow mated and had a baby, it would be the Messiah of Rock. Tweet

Stumbling Through the Internet Pipes

Stumble stumble, bo bumble, fee fy fo fumble, me my mo mumble, Stumble: Turn your pictures into Dioramas with Photoshop. This guy cuts old books into 3D sculptures. This alarm clock won’t stop buzzing until you disarm the bomb. Boredom + construction workers + crane = Hilarity. This guy left a disposable camera chained to […]


You may or may not have noticed a little downtime recently. I was in the process of getting rid of my hosting through GoDaddy after the generous donation of server space from my brother, Jesse who is now hosting this website (check out his website, Stay N’ Alive, he has some interesting things to say […]

New Addition

Rather than ramble on and on about absolutely nothing this week, I decided to make a little addition to the site. Inspired by a friend, I decided to polish up and post a short story I wrote a while ago. It’s on the Writing page. I may post some more, but I haven’t decided if […]

Welcome to Home Depot

Man, I’m a tool. Not only did I go out and buy my own domain name, but I have now resorted to rambling about nothing to no one on the internet for all to see. This thing started out as a way to get my parents off my back about things I was working on […]