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This Week in Movies – 8/25/10

We’re officially in the suck. There won’t be anything good coming out for a while, but here we go anyway. In Theaters: The Last Exorcism – All we can hope for during the movie dead season is a few good horror flicks. This movie brings no such hope. Takers – It’s got Paul Walker, T.I., […]

This Week in Movies – 8/2/10

I’m a changed man, I swear! In Theaters: The Other Guys – Marky Mark and Will Ferrell are cops. Guess what ensues. Directed by the guy that did Step Brothers and Land of the Lost, so it could be a gamble, but the trailer looked funny enough. I’ll probably catch it on DVD. Step Up […]

This Week in Movies – 1/19/09

In Theaters: Inkheart – Brendan Fraser stars in a 2-hour Public Library commercial. Revolutionary Road – Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are a couple, this time without a boat. I’m not a Leo fan, but I love Sam Mendes (director, American Beauty, Road to Perdition, Jarhead) and critics love this thing, so I’m going to […]

This Week in Movies – 8/11/08

In Theaters: Tropic Thunder – Ben Stiller, Jack Black, and Robert Downey Jr. act as actors acting out a jungle war movie that becomes more than an act. I’d watch it just for Robert Downey Jr. Henry Poole is Here – Luke Wilson’s neighbors flock to his house to be healed by the miracle stain. […]

This Week in Movies – 4/21/08

In Theaters Friday: Baby Mama – Tina Fey hires Amy Poehler as her own personal incubator. In other news, my wife has a platonic woman crush on Tina Fey and I’m perfectly okay with that. Deception – Wolverine plays a lawyer who introduces young Obi Wan to an underground sex club. Sounds like good clean […]