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This Week in Movies – 10/13/08

In Theaters:

  • Max Payne – Marky Mark in a cool video game adaptation. If this is as fun to watch as the video game was, I’m in. Seriously, I never played the game, but watched two different friends play it all the way through. I’m pathetic.
  • Sex Drive – A mousy teen meets a girl on the internet and his horny, geeky friend convinces him to steal his brother’s GTO to meet her. See every other teen buddy comedy for more examples.
  • W – Oliver Stone’s take on the life of the President. I’m sure it will be completely unbiased and completely relevant to the coming election.
  • Secret Life of Bees (Limited) – Dakota Fanning flees her home to go live with a bunch of beekeeping sisters (Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys, Sophie Okonedo, Jennifer Hudson). Based on a book MegRuth liked.
  • What Just Happened (Limited) – Robert DeNiro, Bruce Willis, Sean Penn, and more star in a movie based on a tell-all memoir by Hollywood producer Art Linson. Bruce Willis plays himself, all the other names are changed to protect the inn… er… celebrities.

On Video:

  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – You may have heard of this one. Whatever you may have heard, it was entertaining enough for me. I like all the originals a lot more and I probably won’t bother buying this one, but it was entertaining.
  • Mongol – Genghis Khan biopic. I honestly can’t remember what I read about this movie.
  • War, Inc – John Cusack plays a Hitman. That’s all I need to hear. It’s in the queue.