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This Week in Movies – 5/5/08

In Theaters Friday:

  • Speed Racer – Say what you will about the Wachowski Brothers, they know how to make a visually pleasing movie. I might be excited about this if I had watched the cartoon as a child. Kids should like it. I think I’ll wait for DVD.
  • What Happens in Vegas – Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. If you watch this movie, I will personally come to your house, beat you unconscious, and steal your wallet, because you are obviously too stupid to manage your own money. I had some friends that PA’d for this movie. They wish they hadn’t. That’s saying something.
  • The Fall (Limited Release) – A trippy Independent flick brought to the US by Spike Jonze and David Fincher. Find a theater that’s playing it and watch this movie!
  • Surfwise (Limited Release) – A documentary about a Doctor that quit his job and took his family off the grid to teach strict moral codes while driving from surf spot to surf spot. Looks interesting

On Video Tuesday:

  • I’m Not There – Bob Dylan portrayed by various actors/actress (Cate Blanchett) in one movie. Sadly, this is the only thing worth your time this week.