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Top 5 – Superbowl Snacks

Another recycle, but at least this one’s topical. I promise I’m collecting ideas for new ones. They’ve just all sucked so far. I do take requests!

Superbowl Sunday is a special day in the Stay household. It’s a day when the family comes together, united by a single program, to share in the joy that can only come from watching football. No longer is it just Dad and the boys. On Superbowl Sunday, even Mom comes out, anxious to see the latest developments in Superbowl advertising. But none of this would be what it is without the amazing assortment of snacks at our fingertips. This week in Top 5:

The Top 5 Superbowl Snacks

5. Henry Weinhard’s Vanilla Cream Soda – Technically not a snack, but I am including it anyways because it’s such a tasty treat. Every Superbowl event needs a good beverage to wash down the salty goodness of the other snacks and there is no finer beverage than this. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, foamy, and comes in a glass bottle, the way soda was meant to be; soda and ant farms. Can’t forget ant farms. Did you know there’s a species of ants that survives completely on plastic? I didn’t either. Puggles was never the same after that day … I can still hear her yelping … and the twitching … oh, the twitching …

4. Chips and Dip – The type of chip and type of dip is irrelevant. What matters most is the variety of dips present. You’ve got your salsa with cream cheese, your spicy queso dip, your bean dip, and your fresh pico de gallo. The job isn’t done right unless your dipping hand is sore the next day and your shirt looks like it was tie dyed in a vat of seven layer.

3. Buffalo Wings – No sporting event is complete without the accompanying buffallo wings. The spicier the better, this is no sport for the weak. This is the Superbowl, the culmination of a season of work, sweat, and blood, the wings must be a tribute to this, and it doesn’t hurt to smother them in any of the preceding ingredients. Just don’t forget the bleu cheese dipping sauce.

2. Jalapeno Poppers – They’re fried, they’re spicy, and they’re full of cheese. What more could you ask for in a snack? Forget the cheddar cheese poppers you find most commonly these days, the only true popper is the cream cheese popper. I like my poppers like I like my women: hot, deep fried, and filled with cream cheese … errr …

1. Summer Sausage – There is nothing more manly than a huge log of processed meat. If it was up to me, I wouldn’t even slice this up. It would never leave my hand and I’d gnaw on it little by little through the entire game, leaving my teeth full of processed meat fibers to enjoy for the rest of the month. Abandoned kittens would flock to me to feast on the meat fibers lodged firmly in between my teeth. I could feed small nations. I would become a legend. Eat a sausage, save the world.