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Review: Waitress

Waitress is a film attempting to convince the world that life is like a good pie. Kind of bitter and salty, but when you get through the crust, it can be warm, gooey, and delicious. The film is a lot like that. It’s extremely bitter toward marriage and the dialogue is full of salt and vinegar. Even the main cast is a bunch of unhappy middle-aged women led by a woman named Jenna (Keri Russel), but as soon as you get past their bite, it’s nothing but fruit filling.

I really did not want to like this movie. It’s full of infidelity and betrays much of what I stand for. There was a certain point where I was all but convinced I absolutely did not like it, yet just like a good pie, I forgot all about that salty crust and the warm goo at the heart of the film promptly won me over.

– 143.2 arbitrary stars.