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This Week in Movies – 9/7/10

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss anything last week. This week is even worse. In Theaters: Resident Evil: Afterlife – Milla Jovovich stars in a video game. You better believe they made it 3D. Last Week: Machete – Moments of glorious gore spattered across a lame plot line. Going the Distance – “I’m a Mac” is […]

This Week in Movies – 5/26/10

Update: So you probably already realized this, but I’m an idiot and posted next week’s movies this week. Hopefully I didn’t ruin your weekend. In Theaters: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time – Donnie Darko leaves the Mountain and dons a British accent to do some Parkour. It’s a Bruckheimer movie, so expect some […]

This Week in Movies – 7/3/09

In Theaters: Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs – The third movie in a trilogy whose only real redeeming quality is the prehistoric squirrel. But who am I to judge, if you liked the first two, you’ll probably like this one. Also available in 3D. ~ Save to Netflix Queue Public Enemies – Michael Mann […]

This Week in Movies – 6/24/09

In Theaters: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen –  You may have heard of this one, it’s about a bunch of giant robot cars set on world domination and the giant robot cars trying to stop them. Oh, and there’s some humans mixed in there, namely Shia LeBouf and Megan Fox. Oh, and some explosions too […]

This Week in Movies – 6/1/09

In Theaters: The Hangover – Four friends go to Vegas for a bachelor party and wake up the next day with alcohol induced amnesia. Mike Tyson ensues. ~ Save to Netflix queue Land of the Lost – Will Ferrel remakes a 70s camp-fest with expected results. Be sure to watch him on Man vs. Wild, […]