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DrChocolate: DVD Capsule Reviews

I haven’t been to the theaters in what feels like forever. However, I have seen quite a few movies on the DVD machine lately. Some of these may have slipped by you unnoticed, or left you on the fence regarding whether they were worthwhile. Allow me to help. An Education If you haven’t rented this […]

This Week in Movies – 10/10/08

Not much in the way of movies this week. I suggest watching Dexter on Netflix’s Watch it Now. In Theaters: Quantum of Solace – This is either the latest Bond flick or a new album by your favorite group of angsty teenagers. On Video: Hellboy II: The Golden Army – Ron Perlman paints himself red […]

This Week in Movies – 4/30/08

In Theaters Friday: Iron Man – Jon Favreau directs Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark. Is it wrong of me to hope Megan doesn’t really want to see this movie so I can see it this weekend while she’s out of town? I think I might be more excited for this one than Indiana Jones […]

This Week in Movies – 4/7/08

In Theaters Friday: Prom Night – Someone killed a bunch of girls on prom night a while ago. Now he’s back. This is why I didn’t go to my prom … wait, yes I did. Won’t catch me at this movie though. Street Kings – Keanu Reeves is a cop with a bad rep. Now […]