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Top 5 – Greatest Cartoon Theme Songs of All Time

The theme song is a lost art. Hitting it’s prime in the 80s on everything from sitcoms to cartoons, they pretty much dropped off the face of the earth after climaxing in the early 90s. I say we bring them back. Starting with this theme song for Lost: See more funny videos and funny pictures […]

Top 5 – 80s Butt Rock Songs

I decided I’m going to bring back the Top 5, but start by recycling some old top 5s because I’m lazy and I’m not sure anyone read those anyway. At any rate, standard top 5 practices apply, leave your own top 5 in the comments if you wish (log in with your Facebook account, it’s […]

Favorite Video Friday – The 80s

This Week: A decade that will not die, no matter how much you try to kill it. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – Around the Bend This tune will sound familiar to anyone that’s watched American television or visited Apple’s website in the past month. Sonny J – Can’t Stop Moving Electric Company anyone? Ok, so […]