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Favorite Video Friday … Sort of – The White Stripes

Well, it’s not technically Friday, but I’m keeping the title for the sake of alliteration. This week I’m going to tribute the videos of The White Stripes. Say what you want about them, but Jack White is an amazing musician and whether you like the music or not, their videos are always amazing. Michel Gondry did most of them. He is a music video god. They started off with the classic “Lego” video, but everyone’s seen that and they’ve raised the bar so much higher with each video that it seems silly to post that here, so here you go, my 3 favorite White Stripes videos:

Hardest Button to Button

Simple, contagious, and even parodied by The Simpsons. Gondry epitomizes the White Stripes in this video.

The Denial Twist

White Stripes + Conan O’Brien + Wacky 2D + Michel Gondry = Video Gold.

Seven Nation Army

This video is hypnotic. It’s not directed by Gondry, but it is my favorite song by the White Stripes. Love that beat and the guitar riff just infects you. If you like the song and you don’t hate music, check out Audioslave’s cover. It doesn’t get any better.

I could stare at the images in this video for hours on end. It’s like a kaleidoscope. I miss kaleidoscopes. Those were simpler times.